Jim Bacchi - The Tikiyaki Orchestra, composer, musician

Favorite Pair of Chord & Major Earphones: World 5’14 and Jazz 6’13

Chord & Major earphones review: “Theyre definitely made really well, especially the wires! A lot of the time, headphone wires are so flimsy, but these are nice and thick. The earphones themselves are comfortable, well-made and strong. I really like the sound. I have two sets: The World set and the Jazz set. I like them both. They have a nice low end without being super deflated, or too treble-y. They have a nice response all around. The World music ones sound great with songs using a vibraphone, one of the main instruments in our band.

Influences: Stuff from the 50s and 60s Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, Esquivel, and surf guitar guys from the 60s. 60s and 50 lounge and exotica. Crime Jazz music, Henry Mancini (Pink Panther).

Whats currently on your playlist: I listen to everything. I love rock, lounge stuff, everything. Mostly now is 70s pop and 70s hard rock (what I grew up on). I listen to exotica stuff too. My playlist is all over the place.

Biography: The Tikiyaki Orchestra has been performing together since 2008, and are a six-piece orchestra, led by composer Jim Bacchi. The Tikiyaki Orchestra combines many different “genres” into one sound, including “Bachelor Pad Lounge,” “Crime Jazz,” “Surf,” “Spaghetti Western,” “Latin and “Hawaiian”—and as such, “Exotica” is born. Their four albums prove that Exotica is not just background music—you’ll find yourself humming and tapping along to the catchy songwriting. The Tikiyaki Orchestra has headlined many major Tiki Festivals in the U.S., including Tiki Oasis and Hukilau

Live Performances: The Hukilau Food & Wine Festival in Fort Lauderdale June 9–12

Other events/projects: The Tikiyaki Orchestra has a smaller, surf-oriented band called Tikiyaki 5-0, which will be making a release this summer. Its the Tikiyaki Orchestra, minus two people, with just guitar, keyboard, bass, and drums.

 Cool fact: We are going to start working on music by an artist from the 40s and 50s named Eden Ahbez. He was a songwriter and the prototype hippie. He wrote the standard, Nature Boy, which has been performed by Nat King Cole, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and countless others. He was a mysterious hippie character from Hollywood Hills, and he made one exotica record in 1960 when he was a beatnik and did poetry over the music with crazy, far-out stuff.

A guy is writing a book on him and he contacted the Tikiyaki Orchestra because he unearthed 60 songs from the Library of Congress that people have never performed or heard. We are going to be taking those songs, and bringing them to life. The project is called “The Unheard Vault of Eden Ahbez.” We will be performing some shows and making a record. It’s pretty crazy, Eden Ahbez has a pretty big underground following. They used a song of his in a Tarantino movie. The project will stretch out over a year, between the preparations, the show and the record.

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