Dr. Sean McClowry, Professor, Artist, Composer, Producer, Songwriter

Favorite pair of Chord & Majors: Classical 9'13

Chord & Major Review:

“I’m really blown away by the rock, jazz and classical headphones—they sound fantastic and have such depth and clarity. These are, without a doubt, the best in-ear earphones I have ever listened on. These are perfect for the aspiring audio professionals who are studying music and recording, as well as anyone else who requires good equipment to listen on.

There is a threshold for how long someone can sustain listening…in my experience you can listen longer on good in-ears and not over-the-ear headphones…every time I do a long recording session, the drummer and other band members get ear fatigue from over-the-ear studio headphones after eight hours. If there was someway to brand [Chord & Major] headphones for this market that actually promoted health, that would be a good angle.

The Classical model seems to be the one with the detail and clarity, like what we need when we are recording; the Rock model seems to be the most listenable for long periods of time, like what is required for editing; and the Jazz model has the most enhancement in the midrange, like what we need for mixing.”

INLUENCES: Joni Mitchell, Janet Jackson, Arvo Pärt and John Coltrane.

WHAT’S ON YOUR PLAYLIST NOW: Adele's new album, 25. Also, I've been listening a lot to Frankie Valley and the 4 Seasons, because my four-month-old son seems to love it. I think it's Frankie Valley's high voice.


A songwriter, composer, producer, and now professor at The College of Saint Rose, Dr. Sean McClowry has music running through his veins.

Professor Sean McClowry

Sean Attended Peabody Conservatory in Maryland, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in composition. After graduation, he attended Yale as an orchestral double bass player, studied classical bass and was working toward a master’s degree in music performance. After completing his master’s, Sean went onto Princeton, where he stayed for six-and-a-half years working on a doctorate in composition, of which he earned in 2011.

Today, Sean is in his first teaching semester at The College of Saint Rose, where he is a professor of advanced song writing, record production, and music technology. He also gives private lessons for bass students. As a world-class bass player, composer and producer, Sean brings a great deal of knowledge and talent to St. Rose’s music department, and offers his vision to assist students in reaching the forefront of the music industry. He hopes to instill his knowledge in the music industry throughout all of his students in that he hopes to foster their creative work and guide them on their journey of discovering who they are as artists.

In his free time, McClowry enjoys writing and performing his own music, especially his song “Recession Special,” with its John Mayer-esque vibe and vocals.

Professor Sean McClowry

Performances: Sean performs live regularly with his band the American Modern Ensemble, which is a chamber ensemble in NYC specializing in music by living American composers. He often performs with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra and the Albany Symphony Orchestra. He also has music featured on a CD titled Mavericks.

Other Events/Projects: Some current projects as a producer that I have going on right now are a CD project with a singer/songwriter named Steph Shaw. We have just released 2 singles in the past few months, and we will be releasing an album this summer titled What Matters Now.

Another production I have been doing is a solo CD of my own compositions, which I have been working on for a long time. This will probably be finished sometime in 2016.

As a Music Industry Professor at Saint Rose, my students and I have started a record label, Rose Record Label Group. The mission of the label is to launch careers of the artists we produce and represent.

Cool Fact: I make strange musical instruments out of broken junk and computer micro-controllers. I'm currently working on a synthesizer that I hope will show up on my future record productions.


MUSIC LINK: Sean wants you to here this. Enjoy.

***Recording Coming soon***