Gino Rosaria, The Pianist. Pianist, producer, composer and arranger.

Favorite pair of Chord & Majors: Jazz Major 7'13

Chord & Major Review:

“Being a recording artist, I have become a bit obsessive about headphones, and over the past 10 years, I have gone through quite a few sets of earphones. My latest ones were well in the $1000 range. When I first tried the Chord & Major earphones at the National Association of Music Merchants, (NAMM), I was not prepared for how good they would sound. Very impressive! I immediately had to buy a pair. Listening to music through the Chord & Majors is like listening to music through a hi-def sound system in your living room by the fireplace. A very isolated sound that is crisp and clear with impressive bass and very listenable vocals. The wooden casing adds a nice warmth to the sound that you don't get with other earphones. I use mine on stage as in-ear monitors, and when I am on the go and just want to listen to music on my iPod. They fit very tight in the ear so they don’t fall out when performing live. The Chord & Majors are now my go-to earphones— they are very durable and are worth way more than what I paid for. I recommend Chord & Major to all my friends and colleagues.”

QUOTE: “God has given me a passion for music and I am confident that He set me on this world for that reason”. 

INLUENCES: Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, Russell Ferrante, Chick Corea, Michel Camilo, Charlie Parker, Bill Evans, Aaron Parks, Chopin, Debussy


Currently on my playlist is Snarky Puppy’s latest album Silva; I can’t get enough of that record. There a lot of new talented young musicians too, like Sullivan Fortner in NYC; the kid is amazing, and he just released a new record. I’ve been digging Taylor Eigsti’s stuff, too. On the orchestral side, I’ve had John Williams’ scores for the movie “The Terminal” on repeat! I’m big on movie scores. The Yellowjackets and The Caribbean Jazz Project are also always on my playlist


Born and raised in  the diverse island of Curacao, Gino grew up playing many different styles of music—which became a part of his identity. Later on he grew to enjoy jazz, Latin, and classical music the most. Gino moved to the U.S. in 2003 to study music under the world-renowned Daisy De Luca Jaffe. In 2009, he graduated with a master’s degree in classical music performance. Gino then started taking private jazz lessons with the late, world-renowned jazz pianist David Shelander. During his time in the U.S., Gino went on to win many competitions and also got a chance to appear on the local TV and radio stations. Gino also appeared several times on national TV performing solo, chamber and with orchestra. Today, Gino performs and does studio work on a regular basis with several world-renowned and award-winning artists, such as Karen Briggs, Tim Laughlin, DW3, Nicki Richards, Eric Essix, and Althea Rene. 

Currently, Gino is focusing all his efforts on his new band Groove Symphony. The idea of a Groove Symphony began a few years ago with Gino's desire to write orchestral film scores for contemporary film production. The Groove Symphony sound is a fusion between classical music, jazz, and contemporary music. Groove Symphony music incorporates a live horn section and a small strings ensemble, backed by an energetic rhythm section, which usually leaves the crowd wanting more! They will be releasing an album in the spring of 2016. Groove Symphony is still a fairly new group but they have already played at several jazz festivals and are continually adding more festivals to their itinerary.

Gino hopes to continue giving virtuosic piano performances in both the jazz and classical genres.

Gino performs live regularly on Tuesdays at Seville Quarter downtown Pensacola, FL, where he hosts Tuesday Jazz Nite. Upcoming performances include: Pensacola Jazz Festival, Jacksonville Jazz Festival, Karen Briggs Christmas Concert, and the PGA Tour. 

One Cool Fact:

Gino also has a degree in Computer Science, so in his free time he likes to build software for clients.


MUSIC LINK: Gino wants you to hear this. Enjoy