Riddle House, Progressive Rock Band

Musicians: Pete Fenech, Bass; Rob Lerner, Drums; Ben Lerner, Guitar.

Favorite Pair of Chord & Majors: Rock Major 8'13

Chord & Major Earphones Reviews:

Pete Fenech says:

“My favorite features of the Chord & Majors are the quality and the portability. I travel a lot with my job and the band and it’s great to have a compact, high-end headphone to take with me. Despite their size the  bass is prominent and each instrument is clearly heard. They are as good a quality as my recording headphones, but without the bulkiness and the price tag." – Pete Fenech (Riddle House)

Ben Lerner says:

"I’m a fan of many genres of music but especially rock. That’s why I use the Rock Tonal earphones. Chord & Major offers 5 different styles of high quality, genre specific earphones: Rock, Jazz, Ballad, World and Classical.

The Rock Tonal earphones are capable of delivering heavy, full sounds while maintaining accurate tonality. They are well built and comfortable, making them easy for me to listen to for long stretches.

They come in an elegant pine box that includes a cleaning brush, a convenient cable pouch, a cable winder to stay tangle free and choice of different ear tip sizes.

I like having interchangeable ear tip sizes because it allows me to get maximum isolation, which is great for not sacrificing the quality of the music.

So if you’re a listener of rock, hard rock or metal, the Rock Tonal earphones have got you covered!"

-Ben Lerner (Riddle House)


Quote: “Music is good for the soul, and through music, everyone speaks the same language." – Pete Fenech

Influences: Jazz, Dream Theater, Intronaut, Cloud Kicker, Steve Vai, Jimkata, Yes.  

Whats on your playlists now: (Pete) Rubblebucket, The Delta Saints, Fall Classic, The Howl, and WBGO (jazz radio station that’s publicly funded). (Ben) King's X, Ty Tabor, Intronaut, Hooverphonic, Tycho, and Steven Wilson. (Rob) Tesseract, Intronaut, Coldplay, and Audioslave.

Biography: Riddle House is an Instrumental Progressive Rock Trio, started by the musical passion of two brothers. Ben and Rob Lerner have played music together for more than ten years. Their first, full-length album was released in December of 2012. On April 30, 2015, the brothers and current bassist, Pete Fenech, released a conceptual EP called "Nature of the Story," which features legendary King's X frontman, Doug Pinnick on bass for the title track. Riddle House have opened shows around the Chicago area for Spock’s Beard, Pain of Salvation, Michael Angelo Batio, Scale the Summit, Bigelf, Felix Martin, and more.

Upcoming live performances include: Just played in Chicago at Night Cap, which was the last show for this year. Booked a gig for February 6 at Smiler Coogans, and we'll be opening for Michael Angelo Batio periodically.

Band regularly appears at: Reggie’s Rock Club in the South Loop, The Double Door in Wicker Park, Martyrs' in the Northside, Tailgaters in Boilingbrook, and Cairo Bar in West Chicago.

Other Events/Projects: We are in the beginning stages of writing our next EP. We don’t have plans of when we are going to go back into the studio, but hopefully springtime. We have some song ideas down, and the new EP will hopefully be released sometime in the summer.

 Cool Facts: Pete and Ben are from the same town of Naperville, but met at NAMM two years ago. They've lived 15 minutes apart their whole lives, but had to meet in California. Ben was a featured guitarist on Chicago Rock Station, 97.9 FM The Loop at age 14. When Rob isn't drumming, he's working on an ambulance as an EMT.


MUSIC LINKS: Riddle House wants you to hear this:

***Recording coming soon***