Nil Jones, Award winning record producer, engineer, bassist

Favorite pair of Chord & Majors: World for studio work,  Jazz for pleasure listening

Chord & Major Review:

“I was given a pair of your Chord and Major 7'13 Jazz earphones by a friend/client of mine who picked them up at the summer NAMM show in Nashville. I LOVE them!!! I listen to my favorite music from my iPhone and it's like hearing it fresh all over again. I've been also listening to mixes I'm doing and they sound great.”

“The World model sounds AMAZING. I’ve been listening to my mixes, and I hear EVERYTHNG! They feel like little studio monitors. I always reference in my Chord & Majors”.




Young Dolph, Karma, Cash Money Records, Macy Gray, 8Ball & MJG, Ray J, Shania Twain, Krayzie Bone, Mc Ren, Tela, Brian McKnight, Myron Butler, BarKays, Muthas Day Out... to name a few. 
Nil Jones is an award winning producer/engineer with Gold and Platinum credits. He brings years of industry level experience with him. He mixes major label projects but also puts in that same effort on independent artist because he knows that those are the Artist that got him to the majors. Nil works to create that magic, from tracking to mixing to arranging to radio edits.

And as a musician Nil played on many of the rap records you've heard on the radio, bass, and some keyboards too!!!  He is also a member of the band G.J.S ( also known as Gentry-Jones).

Nil is currently pursuing a new, online venture where he will personally mix your session files, and provide you with a 24 bit WAV file ready for mastering. 

Cool Fact: 

In 2014, G.J.S.’s dance craze hit “Roll It Roll It” hit #1 on several charts.

Gentry-Jones has recently released a new single, "Rock Me Baby" and can be seen and heard on YouTube.

A Quick Interview with Nil: (by Justin Miner, Head-Fi)
What made you pursue music?
When I was very young I used to play my drums in the living room to records while my dad played his horn, so I always liked music. But I got into it mostly for GIRLS! I saw how they reacted to musicians and singers, and I wanted some of that!
How do you find the C&M World earphone has helped your recording?
I use them on EVERY mix I do. I can walk or drive and listen to mixes and hear it the way I need to hear it. Then I usually go back to the studio and make my adjustments to the mix. They've made mixing easier for me.
Any band or artist you would be afraid to admit you liked to your friends or peers? 
Well most of my peers know I listen to all styles of music but I'd say I probably don't admit to listening to old The Fixx! I still love songs from Reach the Beach!
Being a musician, do you find yourself analyzing other bands/artists, or do you just sit back and enjoy the music?
I am still a fan of music, so I can just sit back and enjoy most of the time. Unless it's bad…then I start to analyze like, “why is that so bad!”
Nil wants you to hear this. Enjoy!
**recording coming soon***