Tony Gentry, Guitarist, member of the legendary band Bar-Kays

Favorite pair of Chord & Majors: Jazz Major 7’13

Chord & Major headphones review: “The first time I experienced the Chord & Major Jazz headphones at the 2015 Summer NAMM show, I was simply blown away. The quality and craftsmanship that went into the making of them is awesome. The richness of the sound is amazing—you get all the highs, the rich midrange, and the warm lows. I use them now in my home studio, but even when recording in larger studios, I hear every nuance in my music now more than ever before. They are my go to headphones. Period.”

Quote: “GOD is love.”

Influences: Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, James Taylor, Prince, Kiss

What’s currently on your playlist: Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, James Taylor, Prince, Kiss, Eric Gales, George Clinton, Yes, Queen, Frank Sinatra, Mali Music, Mint Condition—just to name a few.

Biography: Tony Gentry has been a member of the band The Bar-Kays since 1991. The Bar-Kays is an American soul/funk and R&B group that was formed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1966. Most notably, they performed with Otis Redding in the early days, and in 2013 and were inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame. The Bar-Kays are currently performing aboard the Holland America cruise ship Nieuw Amsterdam. Tony is also part of the band G.S.J.(also known as Genty-Jones Featuring Mr. Sam).

Gentry-Jones has recently released a new single, "Rock Me Baby" and can be seen on Youtube.

Notable Tours and Events:


  • Legends of Funk: Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Iraq, 2008
  • Soul Children: Japan, 2003
  • Porretta Soul Fest: Italy, 1999
  • Tour of Beijing, Indonesia, Hong Kong, 1995

National Shows:

  • Funk Fest: 1999–2012
  • Masters of Funk: 2009
  • Legendary Drifters: 2008
  • Diva of Soul: 2001–2003
  • Legends of Funk (National Tour): 1999–2012                                      

Regional Shows:

  • After Dark Band: Memphis, TN 2009
  • SoulSations: Memphis, TN: 2006–2009
  • A440 Band: Memphis, TN -2000–2006      
  • Memphis Soul Review: Memphis, TN-2006–2009
  • Alkapone: Memphis, TN-2009–2010
  • Kemistry: Little Rock, AR-2007–Present          
  • Project 7: Memphis, TN-2008–Present

Cruise Ship:               

  • Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage: 2001                                


  • BET, Live from L.A.: 2000
  • MTV, Justin Timberlake Unplugged: 2005
  • MTV, 666 Mafia Memphis to L.A.: 2003
  • Telemundo Ecuador, Something like Cool: 2003
  • WREG, Live at Nine

Cool fact: In 2014, G.J.S.’ dance craze hit “Roll It Roll It” hit #1 on several charts.

Music links: Tony wants you to hear this. Enjoy

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