Evernow - Alternative Rock Band

The members of Evernow are:

Kasey Yale - Vocals and Guitar

Andrew Reinjohn - Lead Guitar

Ryan Gio - Drums

Nathan Cody - Bass and Backing Vocals

Favorite Pair of Chord & Major's: Rock 8'13

Chord & Major Review: Lead singer Kasey Yale says, "Hands down, these are my favorite headphones to listen to music with. Not only are they comfortable, but they look very high quality and are easy to pull from your ears because of the tabs. We all have the Rock 13’s, and they provide an amazing listening experience.

They’re also great for mixing on the go and for use as in-ear monitors when performing. Thank you Chord & Major, Sedo Audio Family, it wouldn’t be the same without you."

Quote: ”You can run from lights but you can’t escape the sun.”

Influences: Anberlin, Incubus, Switchfoot, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park,Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Red Hot Chili Peppers

What’s on your playlist now: We’ve been listening to a lot of Skillet lately.

Evernow alternative rock musicAltrock DrummerRyanGio Ryan Gio

Biography: All hailing from previous bands, we realized that we make great music together. Thus, Evernow was formed. We’ve played locally around Los Angeles and are currently touring with  The Extreme Tour 2016, Southwest team. Currently, we have a music video out for our Single “Beautiful Feeling,” which you can watch on our website via YouTube. You can also download the song in virtually any major online store. We plan to have a hard copy EP out by the end of the year as well as more music videos! Come visit a show and get a great deal on our favorite Chord & Major earphones.

Cool Facts: We believe there is a purpose to creating, distributing and performing our music. None of this is done without intention and teamwork.

Another cool fact – Kasey, the lead vocalist, is currently  in school studying for a doctorate in divinity.

“I’d like to do counseling, eventually, I think. However, I feel if the Lord calls me to it, I’d like to become a pastor. Obviously music is the calling right now,” he said. “This is my personal faith, and isn’t reflected in Evernow’s music.”

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Alternative rock band Evernow