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September 03, 2013

Posted on September 3, 2013 by EARMASS AUDIO REVIEWER

Chord & Major 7’13 Jazz : Jazz Mood

 So you are on your way to buy headphone/IEMs. After reading a lot of reviews and opinions in forums, you’re now getting confused about what to get and what not to get. You are starting to understand what impedance, sensitivity, and frequency response is. You might start to understand how to read the graphs and all sort of things, like what opened-back headphones and what closed-back headphones are going to do for sound quality. You are starting to read how fellow audiophiles describe the sound with their beautiful glossary descriptions, with everyone in the forum telling you what should you get, LARGELY based on their opinion. Now, you are scratching your head about what to buy, and after making your decision, you hope you bought the one that you dreamed of and that it will give you miracles, but the headphones just don’t justify the sound.

So do your headphones have a bad performance? Not really. First we have to understand that everyone hears sound differently, and your type of preference might differ from others. Getting opinions from others when you are still new is not a bad thing to do though. You just have to consider the music you are listening to and what you want to hear in your music. It is no secret now that some headphones are good in some music genres, but do not do so well with others. But you have to sort this out yourself, because typically, manufacturers do not normally declare that their headphones are best suited for specific genres.

However, I have recently discovered a manufacturer that is unique in their design and concept: Chord & Major. Chord & Major tonal earphones are unique and creative, in that they are dedicated to what they call their tonal system. Each of their IEMs are tuned specifically for one type of music. For example, if you are a hard-core jazz listener, you must get their Major 7’13 Jazz earphones, which are specially tuned for what jazz music needs the most. If you like rock and classical music, then you just get either their 8’13 Rock or the 9’13 Classical. People from Chord & Major know how each music genre should sound, and based on my listening impression, they are pretty honest in their descriptions.

Playing Jazz Music

Source : Soundaware D100Pro Premium Edition, Asus


DAC : Firestone Audio Tobby, Arce MDAC3, Audinst HUDMX2,

Firestone Audio CustomCute, M2Tech Hiface DAC

Headphones Amp : Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear Edition,

Tubeamp BL2

After listening to the Major 7’13 headphones for more than 75 hours, I can say that the very first thing that everyone will notice is how they do on the bass. The bass is definitely boosted, and has a very noticeable position in the overall sound spectrum. It does not totally take the mid and treble away. The treble is recessed, but the mid is still there and has a nice body. The sound is quite focused as well. Imaging and positioning is very important for jazz music, and in my opinion, Major 7’13 is quite good in this regard. Another decisive factor that makes Major 7’13 a jazz IEM is how well it can bring out the ambiance of jazz music. Everyone knows Jazz music has a special kind of ambiance and air that is very “sexy” and “romantic.” I listened to Brazil Jazz from Kevyn Lettau and I am obsessed with it. Piano is weighty and intimate, and bass lines are taut. The air in the saxophone is very well presented and detailed, and drums hit with good body and nice impact. The romantic feel is nicely presented here. The next album I put on it is the famous album: Cone and T-Staff by Wycliffe Gordon. In this very nice jazz album, the bass line is still taut and defined, it is not just showing you the quantity of low body here, but also the sense of air in the saxophone—and the quality is definitely impressive, and something that I have not expected in a more inexpensive IEM. How about the cymbal? Treble of Major 7’13 is recessed, but nothing is disturbing me or stopping me from enjoying the music—it is still nice and very enjoyable. Another album by Wycliffe Gordon, Bone Structure, the first track, “Coming Is Going,” is indeed full with bass string, with the strings vibrating with a good detail level of ‘stringiness’. 

What if you don’t like jazz music?

One of the things that might scare off buyers is if they think that these tonal earphones will only work with jazz music. Don’t worry, this is not true. I am thinking that the slow pace, weighty bass, warm and front presentation is also good for electronica, dubstep and easy listening.

Final Verdict

I am impressed with not only the Major 7’13, honestly. I am impressed and absolutely obsessed with Chord & Major’s entire product range. I think each of Chord & Major’s IEMs have done their job nicely and the so-called tonal IEM is not a placebo. They are really tuned for specific kinds of music, and their performance exceeded my expectations. 

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