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October 06, 2013

Chord & Major 8’13 Rock : Rocker

Posted on October 6, 2013 by EARMASS AUDIO REVIEWER

I love Chord & Major audio products, this is not a secret anymore if you have followed my review website all this while. In my honest opinion they are really good and intuitive. And each model is made for a specific genre of music.

Today I will be reviewing the Chord & Major 8’13 Rock, which from its name it is clear that this IEM is made for rock music lovers.

Chord & Major 8’13 Rock

Major 8’13 is finished in a dark black color scheme, with a nice finish and touch. The quality of the box is decent, including the accessories themselves. It is only when you truly hold Chord & Major’s IEMs in hand that you will know how much attention and effort Chord & Major has really poured into their products. With that said, Chord & Major does not just make and sell products, they are serious about audio and they know what are they doing, and exactly what they are selling.

Audio Quality

Source : Soundaware D100 Pro Deluxe Edition, Colorfly C3, iBasso DX50, Asus Laptop

DAC : Firestone Audio Tobby, Firestone Audio CustomCute

Headphone Amplifier : Tubeamp BL-2, Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear Diamond Edition

8’13 Rock is naturally rich in tone and quite neutral and balanced. The bass itself is still engaging and gives a good sense of impact and thumping, but it’s still balanced. The bass itself is a nice treat, and to be honest, who do not like bass? The quantity and quality are definitely there.

Mid is nice and most of the vocal itself is very good, and sounds natural, and full of energy. 

While 8’13 is neutral and balanced with some forward pace in the music, the pace is not extremely fast. The bass is not fat, but the thumping factor is good, generally with fun impact . Personally, I prefer using 8’13 Rock for wide scope of music genres, and I think that the 8’13 Rock model is a genre master among its siblings. I think 8’13 Rock is a capable performer here, and the sound clarity is always nice and transparent.


Chord & Major 8’13 Rock is a very capable IEM. The best part is that not only will rock music lovers love these IEMs, but also those who are not in love with rock music. 8’13 Rock IEMs are a good fit for all genres of music, from rock to mainstream.

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