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December 15, 2015

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Packaged like jewelry in its own wooden box, each Chord & Major model is packaged according to the tone and likeness of the ear monitor itself.. With this feeling of exclusivity and effort in the details, they are a clear example that sometimes luxury and quality of sound can go perfectly hand in hand.

However, in the case of Chord & Major, it also does so without an extravagant price that falls outside the reach for most pockets. 

Ballad Review


A simple change of the name isn’t what differentiates each of the headphone models, but the sound frequency and response. The Major 6 has a fantastic projection and articulation of voices and instruments, with an almost airy sound.

Taking advantage of having a dynamic driver—which results in a great timbre credibility against most balanced armatures, these small IEMs could compete as equals with headphones that have several drivers ( such as the Shure SE535 or SE846)—referring exclusively to vocal music performance, within which would put the pop / ballad vocal jazz and even opera.

This perfect decay is accompanied by a very good tonal fidelity and an equally textured “hiss” of both male and female voices. The mid-high aeration helps to increase the feeling of spaciousness and instrumental separation.

For anyone looking for an IEM that provides excellent performance with vocal music, the Chord & Major 6’13 Ballad is definitely an option to consider. With the Ballad headphones, the listener encounters realism, naturalness, exclusivity and construction.


Chord & Major offers great presentation and customer exclusivity. These headphones provide a quality and focus on specific styles, without sacrificing optimal performance.

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