Jim Bacchi: Still Smooth and Still Groovin'

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Composer Jim Bacchi has been involved in music in some way since elementary school. And he knew he wanted to be involved in music for the rest of his life from the young age of ten, when he’d watch his older brother “jam” with other kids in the neighborhood. “On Friday nights, they would get together, and all of us younger kids would hang out and watch,” Bacchi said.

His top-three, desert-island album picks would be Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti; Boston’s self-titled album and The Blue Hawaiians’ Sway.

Bacchi started on tenor sax in school, but claimed he was terrible at it, so he switched to the baritone horn. And Bacchi certainly has come a long way, because his instrumental repertoire now consists of guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion, steel guitar and the vibes. He’s been involved in music in some way since the 70s.

He began his career working at Sandbox and Swinghouse studios in Hollywood, where he engineered well-known acts such as Rage Against the Machine, Jon Brion, Sugar Ray, and Macy Gray, to name a few. This was all before starting his own band “Fuzzbubble,” which, according to Bacchi, was a “Power-pop, Beatles and Foo Fighters kind of band.” They were assigned to Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ label Bad Boy/Arista Records. Their song “Out There” was on the Godzilla movie soundtrack, which went platinum.

After that success, he switched gears and focused on composing music, and his stuff has been featured in about every TV show you can name. One of his most notable was a rock track, which was prominently placed in a Bones promo, “with little dialogue and it featured the whole song,” Bacchi said. His work has also been featured in a Wendy’s national campaign, commercials for BMW, a promo for Vinyl, a Sons of Anarchy promo, and a Puss & Boots movie promo, where it had a “Dos Equis – Most Interesting Man in the World” theme. That spot won an Addy award.

“Sometimes I will get called to do a custom cue... usually trailer companies have the specific requests, and I’ll get a reference track or a description and custom compose and record a piece according to their needs,” he said.

“And sometimes, TV producers will give me a call, and I only have two or three hours to produce a 30 second spot, so that’s fun,” Bacchi said.

Bacchi has people getting his music library out there, and it’s being placed in various TV and cable shows—a lot of underscore music.

Bacchi didn’t go to school for music, but is self-taught and has phenomenal talent that comes naturally. “After I got Pro Tools setup on the computer, I was able to do it without having to use anyone else. I did a Tikiyaki record as a solo experiment.”

The Tikiyaki Orchestra is yet another project Jim Bacchi is involved with, and which he formed. It’s an Exotica band, which combines “Bachelor Pad Lounge,” “Crime Jazz,” “Surf,” “Spaghetti Western,” “Latin and “Hawaiian” music.

“There’s a small market for this type of music, so I decided to try and do a record of it. And I ended up getting a band together to perform it.” 

Eight years, plus four records later, Jim Bacchi and The Tikiyaki Orchestra is still going strong.

Jim would like you to hear this:

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