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“What a Beautiful Feeling”– Evernow to release full-length album, music video

After their life-changing experience on The Extreme Tour, where they bonded as a band and improved their live show, Evernow is hitting the pavement running, and are on their way to creating a name for themselves in the pop rock genre.

This year, they’re working on a full-length album with a new, heavier sound, and will have their newest single, “Find,” featured in a horror-comedy film titled “Death Cab,” which is produced by a producer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the writer of James Franco’s Evil Days. And vocalist Kasey Yale might even be working with the composers creating the film’s score. 

Evernow also attended the National Association of Music Merchants trade show (NAMM) again this year, where they picked up a couple of new endorsements, as well as met some idols and connected with people in person whom they’ve been working with virtually for a couple of years.

New Full-Length Album

“The most beautiful smile is one that struggles through the tears,” is a quote that sums up the tone of Evernow’s newest album, according to the band. The songs will focus on change and growth—much like the band’s current status.


There are currently three new songs for the album so far, but Evernow just keeps writing better and better music as they go along and rehearse, so they “never feel satisfied” because the next song will be even better than the last, according to guitarist Andrew Reinjohn. However, the band is hoping to release the album by the end of this year.

Additionally, Evernow is releasing two music videos, one for their single “Find” and a yet-to-be-recorded single, “Warm Again.”

Fun Fact:  The “rapper” in “Find” is actually Yale—clearly a vocalist of all trades.    

Fans can still expect the band’s signature positive vibe on this album, but the music will sound heavier and have more serious tones, which their new guitar strings helped create. Evernow recently snagged an endorsement with D'Angelico Strings’ Electrozinc Strings, which, according to Yale, produces a heavier and rich sound on the guitar than regular strings.


In addition to D’Angelico Strings, while attending NAMM, Evernow was picked up by Earasers, Cruz Tools and Toleeto Fastners International—but the band is still a huge part and endorser of the Chord & Major family. When Evernow wasn’t gaining endorsements from companies, guitarist Reinjohn enjoyed spending time at the GraphTech booth, while drummer Ryan Gio enjoyed the drum showcase. Yale got to meet one of his long-time idols, Brian “Head” Welch, the guitarist from the nu-metal band Korn.

Welch converted to Christianity after struggling with issues that were compounded by spending his life touring with the band, and Yale got to tell Welch how much he meant to him and how his books inspired him. As a fellow Christian in the rock world, and both having been born in Bakersville, being able to meet Welch was definitely a highlight of Yale’s NAMM experience.   

Upcoming Shows

Evernow will be playing a free show at The King Eddy (which is LA’s equivalent of New York’s famous CBGB music club) on February 26 at 9 p.m., where they will be debuting three new songs. And to celebrate Yale’s birthday, they will be performing at The Study in Hollywood on May 19. The band has shows booked through July, and you can stay up-to-date on their tour dates on Evernow’s Facebook page, and their website,

Speaking of websites, in addition to all of this new and exciting news for Evernow, they’re also revamping their website, Be sure to check it out within the next couple of weeks to see their new layout and to stay up-to-date on their upcoming shows and their album release.  

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