Evernow Embarks on The Extreme Tour

August 31, 2016 | 0 comments

Things seem to be falling into place for alternative rock band Evernow as they embark on their summer Extreme Tour.

Evernow Extreme Tour

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Jim Bacchi: Still Smooth and Still Groovin'

June 03, 2016 | 0 comments

Jim Bacchi - Still Smooth and Still Groovin'

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What is a "Tonal" earphone?

January 15, 2016 | 0 comments

If you’re into music—whether as a hobby or professionally—and you get a new car, what’s the first thing you do after turning the ignition? Set the stereo levels of course! If you have a keen, musical ear, you might notice that you can never seem to get it quite right. Whether you can’t hear every instrument, or the bass is just a bit too loud. Unless you’re an expert at how sound works, it’s nearly impossible to get these settings exactly right—much less get the settings exactly right for different genres of music (because that truly does matter). And nobody wants to have to change the settings each time they listen to a different genre.

Thankfully, Chord & Major does the work for you—with tonal earphones.


Based on years of study, which includes a stylistic analysis, an instrument analysis, a recording technology analysis, psychological and physiological analyses and a music expert evaluation, tonal earphones create the perfect equalization of sound frequency based on the genre of music and the user’s preference. And this is why tonal earphones are the top choice of in-ear headphones among musicians, recording engineers and other folks in the music industry.

Stylistic Analysis

The creators of Chord & Major focus on fundamental elements of different genres of music, including rhythms, tuning, harmony and frequency. They take these findings and apply them to the design of the in-ear headphones so they produce the most organic sound possible.

Instrument Analysis

Most musicians understand that every instrument has different acoustics and frequencies. Chord & Major studies the different frequencies—including separation and stereo specs— in each individual instrument, creating the optimal balance of sound in the in-ear headphones.

Recording Technology Analysis

Every musical genre must be recorded differently due to the different performance sites. For example, classical music should be heard in an acoustically specialized environment, where rock and jazz are typically heard in less structured environments. Tonal earphones take this into consideration and are manufactured to accommodate the different types of recordings.

Psychological and Physiological Analysis

When creating the perfect set of in-ear headphones, the user is the most important aspect to consider. Through careful study of individuals’ preferences of genres and the biological physics of how humans hear, Chord & Major was able to discern what sounds are appealing to different types individuals and created tonal, in-ear headphones for several different types of genres.

Music Expert Evaluation

Since tonal, in-ear headphones are for people who “know” music more than the average person, it’s important to get evaluation and direction from individuals in the music industry. These observations help shape the creation of the perfect headphone.

The result of this analysis drives the engineering of the single dynamic driver, and associated components.


Unlike the plastic used by other brands of in-ear headphones, Chord & Major tonal, in-ear headphones use natural woods and metal that provides a warmer and richer sound. Each tonal earphone is created with a different type of wood that creates the perfect sound for a specific genre, whether it’s jazz, classical, rock, or world music. The driver diaphragms are composed of a material of select hardness and carved with a unique pattern. The depth, quantity, pattern, and shape of the shallow notches affect its “hardness”, which affects the tonal quality. For example, the harder diaphragms provide faster vibrations, which create a brighter sound. And the softer the material, with better elasticity produces slower vibrations and exudes more low frequency and reverberation. The compressed cotton material backing the driver is selected for optimized elasticity, permeability, and resilience and is also used to adjust tonal features to match specific genres.

Tonal, in-ear headphones are far superior to other in-ear headphones on the market today, due to the extensive research conducted and the design created with the user and the science of music in mind. This is why musicians, engineers and others in the music industry choose tonal, in-ear headphones over any other headphone on the market:

Every note is heard.

Music is delivered exactly as the musicians intended.

Whether you’re a casual listener, or part of the industry, check out which Chord & Major set of in-ear headphones is right for you.


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