About Us

Founded in 2013, Sedo Audio was created by a husband and wife team of amateur music enthusiasts with a deep appreciation of good sound. They have more than a decade of combined experience in the technical aspects of music, including owning the most widely experienced home automation and A/V installation company in Florida, and an engineering company, which positioned them as authorities on quality audio products that customers want to use.

Now this family-owned business is the premier North American distributor and dealer of products by Chord & Major, also a family-oriented business. They recognized the unique, boutique quality to the Chord & Major product line and felt that the sound was like no other they’ve ever heard before—especially at this price point.

Thus the perfect collaboration was created, and Sedo Audio can be found at many major, music trade shows around the country, including NAMM, and music festivals.

Sedo Audio is also always seeking out new audio products to evaluate and add to their line up.

Dealer and Sales Rep inquiries for North America are gladly welcome. Call or drop us a note. We would love to talk with you 

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