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Are the wood colors an option on each earphone style?

No. The earphones were designed from both a performance perspective and an aesthetic perspective to match the intended genre: World, Ballad, Classical, Rock and Jazz.

Can my Chord & Major earphones be used with my mobile device?

Chord & Major earphones were specifically designed for use with mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android based phones. Generally, any device with a 3.5mm stereo plug should work. Be careful, however, of over-driving your earphones with home electronics such as stereo receivers as damage to the driver in the earphone could result.

What are the differences between the rock, classical and jazz earphones?

You can read a blog on this topic here.

  • The jazz 7s are the most narrowly defined, with a prominent midrange that – oddly enough – also puts a real nice shine on new country.
  • The 8s are a safe, easy, and rewarding choice for anyone who lives on a steady diet of rock (starting with – but by no means limited to – most normal males under 29 years old).
  • The classical 9s might be the most versatile of the lot, with detailed bass and a lively, vivid upper midrange that brings much of my varied collection to life.