Chord & Major Classical Earphones Awarded Diapason d'Or Award

Chord & Major is honored to announce that our Classical 9’13 in-ear headphones have earned the prestigious Diapason d’Or Award for best headphones in Diapason magazine.

The 9’13s excelled in several areas, including tonal balance and accuracy, comfort, precise tonality and overall packaging. Things similar to what a review from the Audio Reviewer said, which was “…Chord & Major does not just make and sell products, they are serious about audio and they know what are they doing. The Major 9’13 is classy and has an explosive transient response”.

According to Diapason, “The small wooden case, the different sizes of ear buds that form themselves to the ear canal, the velvet transport pouch—everything adds to the product’s seduction.”

The review also stated that Chord & Major headphones were comfortable, superbly balanced and that instruments were reproduced with “realism and surprising presence.”

Chord & Major is the first Taiwan earphone brand to be awarded by Diapason since 1956, and is the only in-ear headphone product to be selected and win this award.

The Diapason award is famous for its strict selection system, and being part of what the magazine considers the best selection of an accessory is a very important signal for musicians and music fans. Reviews are equivalent to an “Editor’s Choice Award,” which is among one of the highest honors.

Located in Taiwan, Chord & Major specializes in designing and manufacturing premium earphones that are tuned to different musical styles. By studying the history, elements, features, and recording techniques of each genre, they produce tonal earphones that are optimized for selected musical tastes.

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